Thursday, December 27, 2012

My schedule, my watch and my clock.

I have become a creature of habit.  I listen for footsteps down the hall that are like a Tasmanian Devil......Pop is 88 and he still hits the floor running.  My habits have mirrored my hero.....his footsteps down the hall and back to bed are my wake up call.
Deep Breath............. 
Life off of the ART ~ Grid has many paths in life. 
My life is a life of joy.......and being a Goof in life. Life without laughter is a life of waste. Challenges deserve a bit of brevity. Humour and patience are a whisper of hope and faith. Breathe and Believe!
Venturing out of the "Pam" Cave is an adventure.
Pop gets up at 5 a.m. to take his medicine. I can hear his footsteps down the hallway. I listen each and every morning for those footsteps. There have been mornings when he doesn't make that soft, quick 'tazmanian devil' trek down the hallway....
When he doesn' heart skips a beat. I check on him and grab his foot.....
He always sits straight up and grabs my hand in the darkness and squeezes it. We don't talk because we don't want to wake Mom up.
Sometimes he remembers...other times he doesn't.
What is important is that he is up and on his game.
You can set your watch by Pop......
He is a creature of habit from childhood.
I suppose it comes from being the oldest in the family growing up. He had to get up and put wood or coal in the furnish to heat the house. He is an early bird. He always milked the cows before breakfast. Gathered the eggs and fed the livestock before anyone turned over in bed.
His chores where done when my Grandmother was standing at the stove preparing a country breakfast at 5 a.m.
He is a man of greatness.
He is my Father.
He is my rock.
He is still a creature of habit. He loves his instant Maxwell House Coffee. Each and every morning he puts his tea kettle on at 5a.m. on the have a hot cup of coffee when he gets up .....
Some days I find the "pot for coffee" on the stove burned dry. Some days it is on the wrong burner.and the eye is on high. 
I check the 'coffee pot' to see if it is on the right burner and on 3 and not high. 
Pop is a creature of habit and he doesn't like change...I can't blame him.  I don't like change either. the day to procure a new gadget for Pop. 
One of 'them thar' coffee machines that makes one cup at a 30 seconds.
The CiC (Mom) would be very miffed if her palace burned to the ground. 
Impending crisis averted...hopefully.
The biggest challenge is for Pop to accept 'change' in his life. 
Wish me luck! 
I promise to update ya'll with his reaction......
I am sure it will be interesting to say the least......
Much love and many (((hugs)))
  From the 'Hood
It's all good in the 'Hood.....♥
 To be continued......
Reading the paper with Pop at 7 a.m. is a gift.  Watching my Mom aka the 'Cic' (Commander in Cheif'tess) of the household walk by my Pop at 8 a.m. is yet, another gift.  He always either stands up and hugs her and kisses her or rubs her leg as she goes by to her recliner.  She sits, and takes her glucose reading.  When she has her reading,  Pop always asks her ...."What is it this morning Honey?"......and it is recorded on a chart. 
The day begins....with love. 
I wish everyone had the love that my parents do....even after 68 years. 
An ongoing love story......
Warmest Regards,
Off the Grid
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Love from the ♥ of East Tennessee
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